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December 6th, 2012

Best Day Sail Ever (with or without wind)

The wooden-hulled schooner glides into Gustavia harbor, on the French island of St. Barthelemy, most famous for attracting celebrities. The man at the wheel, wisps of gray hair fluttering, smiles broadly. Standing amid a cargo of green coconuts, the schooner’s barefoot crew waves back to folks on the quay, including me, gathered to watch our ship come in. Against the little white church and a blue sky, the dark-green schooner makes a pretty picture. This is Scaramouche, de facto flagship of the West Indies Regatta, one of a growing number of chances to experience traditionally built sailboats like this firsthand. The captain, Martin Jennett, a Scotsman gone nearly Caribbean native after 40-plus years here, has run day trips on the boat for decades. He just sailed from the Grenadines nonstop with a crew of only three, hence the sleepy eyes. He could certainly use a few more hands on deck. No sailing experience necessary, but willingness to sleep in a hammock under the stars a plus. [Read Full Article]

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